Edit any PDF document uploaded to Google Drive from Android

Editing PDF documents in good conditions and in a professional way is one of the hardest activities to do, even in computers. The PDF format was created by Adobe and, even though there are a lot of tools to open and visualize them, in terms of editing them, things get messy, unless we use professional applications such as Adobe Acrobat, which is paid. However, little by little mobile devices are substituting computers, up to the point that it is possible to edit PDF documents with a professional touch even from the cloud and using free applications.

As it couldn’t be any other way, on the network there are many free alternatives to edit PDF on a computer, for every kind of operative system, still, these usually don’t give professional results nor are as precise as Adobe itself, or other similar professional tools, besides lacking some features.

Owing to the power of modern smartphones and tablets, and to systems like Android, today it is also possible to use our smartphone for editing this dype of document. Furthermore, currently there exist a great variety of tools, even free ones, that allow us to edit them with great precision, even if we have them uploaded on the cloud, for example, in Google Drive.

If we work frequently with PDF files, in the next guide we explain to you how we can edit any PDF document submitted to Google Drive from our Android smartphone.

Our Android as a complete office suite

Today we can find a great variety of office applications for our mobile operating system. Beyond Google Drive, and the whole Google Docs tools suite, which are ideal for working with documents on the cloud, also we can find different office suites that allow us as much to create PDF documents as to edit them.

Without going any farther, if we are used to working with Microsoft Office on a computer, we will be able to download from the Play Store the applications Word, Excel, etc, that allow us to work from Microsofts office suite. Also we will find many other alternatives, like the LibreOffice display (developing an editor), or slightly lesser known suites, like that of WPS and OfficeSuite, which also harbor great potential and which allows us to change our phones into complete multimedia suites for visualising, creating and practically editing any time of document.



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