How can we easily open and close ports on the Windows 10 firewall

Using a firewall on Windows is advisable to enhance our security. Sometimes it could be useful to open certain ports to accelerate the download speed. Also, it can be useful for some video games, for example. Just so we can understand, ports on Windows are something like a door for data packages. Because of this, if we open a specific port, more packages can enter and exit. In this article we will explain how to open or close ports on Windows 10 firewall.

Opening or closing ports on Windows firewall

The first thing we need to do, logically, is access the firewall. To get there we need to go to the Control Panel. Here we select System and Security and after that Windows Firewall.

Windows 10 firewall lets us create rules. These are the options we can set to open or close specific ports. The instructions we give to our system. Creating a new rule is very simple, you just have to follow these instructions:

  • Click on Advanced Settings
  • A pop-up window appears and we select Inbound Rules on the left and click on Create new rule on the right

The rule-creation assistant for Windows firewall opens up. What we want is to create something that allows us to open or close ports. In order to do this, we need to add the different values:

  • Choose port
  • TCP Protocol
  • Specific local ports: the port we want to open or close, depending on the case
  • ¿When to apply this rule? We mark the three options

We should choose a name in order to recognize it easily. This allows us to easily modify this in the future.

This way, we can open or close ports on Windows 10. As we said, there may be situations in which we need to do this. It could be to play a videogame, use a download program or any other situation.

Both opening and closing ports with the Windows 10 firewall is very easy.

The firewall’s importance

In a previous article we talked about the firewall, what is it and how can it help us enhance our device’s security. It is something that, together with a good antivirus and other tools and security programs, can strengthen our system. This way, we can face possible threats that put the functioning of our device at risk.

As we know, a firewall can be a software, that is, a program we can install in our device. This is the case of the firewall that comes with Windows 10. Or it can also be a hardware, that is, a device that is connected between the network and the computer. It can also be a program installed on the router that acts as a firewall.

In all of this situations it has the same function. It is a wall between the network and our devices. This way we can define what we want to enter them and what we don’t.

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