Mozilla already has the first beta to Firefox 40 with great improvements for Linux users

Mozilla has launched the first beta version of the popular web browser Firefox 40, this new version promises higher performance, but the most remarkable thing about this version is in the users of operating systems based on Linux that use Firefox. Mozilla has made big efforts to optimize it to the maximum and give the best possible performance.

The three most important improvements that Linux users will find is when they do “scroll” in website, now it is going to be much fluid than before, besides Mozilla has also improved the videos and graphics reproduction.

Even though the Firefox 39 version was launched a few days ago with a big ammount of internal changes and bug fixes, they hadn’t incorporate enough important changes, however, with Firefox 40 these changes do came, especially to Linux users where they focused a great part of the developers efforts.

We recommend you read our article with all the news of this Firefox 39 version:

Most of the changes are applied in every Firefox version on the different platforms (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and Android). However, some of them are only available on one OS or another. For example, in the latest Firefox version 39 changes were applied that only affected Mac OS X. Now, the developers have been working on enhancing the Linux version and this is good news because it shows that they haven’t forgotten about this operative system.

If you are a Linux user you’ve probably noticed that Google Chrome loads quite faster than Firefox and that navigation is a bit more fluent. Now, developers have upgraded this speed so even though it is not as fast as Chrome, you will definitely notice the difference, which means developers are on the right path.

Other important changes that developers have been planning for the next versions are to protect us from malicious software, for example, letting us know about add-ons that are not digitally signed by Mozilla. Also, they will put special attention on JPG images so they consume less storage resources.

We recommend you to access Softpedia where you will find a link to download Firefox 40 beta for Linux for trial.

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